1. Cultivate KC  13th Annual Farmers and Friends Meeting
    05 Feb, 2018
    Cultivate KC 13th Annual Farmers and Friends Meeting
    Cultivate KC hosted their 13th annual Farmers and Friends Meeting at Second Presbyterian Church, of Kansas City Missouri. Starting the day off with Pie and Coffee is a amazing way to get started for the season of growing. Parisi Artisan Coffee donated the special brews and all The delicious Pies were donated by the farmers and friends who attended this great event. Of Coarse Chef Junior joined in on the potluck inspired breakfast. This gathering of Farmers, Foodies, Inspired Growers, and Food
    01 Jan, 2018
    Started the day off not really excited for a fresh start nor having any cheer for new beginnings. No answers to the question of why I couldn’t shake the feeling in my head. Not a clue to why I woke this morning not excited like millions of others who are filled with joy and curiosity to what 2018 will bring. 2017 was a amazing year in retrospect to other years, The soft launch of my catering services was honestly a great success. The Introduction of my Youtube channel and really building its
  3. Dinner with a Chef Dad
    28 Jan, 2018
    Dinner with a Chef Dad
    One of the biggest challenges as a chef dad I face is finding the balance of cooking meals that allow me to show off my skills but aren’t to out of this world for the kids. I’m pretty sure a lot of parents can relate to the forever battle of picky eaters. No matter what, my biggest critics are my kids at the dinner table. As a family our evenings consist of watching cutthroat kitchen or episodes of our favorite chef Gordon Ramsey on Hell’s Kitchen. One evening in my home you would think my 8 &
    02 Jan, 2018
    ​ Hello, my name is Rickie Lamar Suber, Jr. Well, truth is that used to be my name before I finally took the leap needed to start living my lifelong dream. It's crazy how we can be so afraid to take one step forward to becoming someone we have alway longed to be. It's not that we don't have the passion or even the motivation. It's simply the fear of not knowing the outcome. The struggle between breaking the chains of the comforts of life and being free to live. Not everyone is cut out to break
    31 Dec, 2017
    ​ How do you escape life for just one moment? I was having a great conversation last night with a fellow artist, and during this conversation we began to speak about the zone. The zone being where we go in our heads when we are doing the things we love to do. Some would call it tunnel vision, some would say it's our happy spot. I like to refer to it as inception of my life. Going into a life inside my life. Where I get to become the person I have always wanted to be. It's a feeling of