When you realize that you are doing the one thing in this world that you love to do! You've then achieved one of the ultimate Happinesses. When in the kitchen my passion is driven off of the memories of exploring new recipes with family and friends. Inspired by the thrill of creating new flavors. Chef Junior uses his imagination to push the boundaries of tradition with skill and techniques that he's mastered from his studies at Le'Cole Culionaire. As a Foodie these skills have allowed him to truly develop a sense for enriching flavors, retaining nutrition, fusing cuisines, and presenting visual foods. He would say that from a young age, he always knew he was meant to be a Chef. Creating Bold, Fun, Elegant, yet Modern Foods ranging from Traditional American, Southern Creole & Soul Foods, Tex-Mex and many International Delicacies . Chef Junior aims to bring gourmet to the inner cities and is passionate about change to food desserts in urban areas. Working with schools, church, and other organizations to fight hunger in Kansas City.